The Dancers

Come See Them Dance –

Friday, June 3rd at 2PM &7PM, and Saturday, June 4th at 2PM&7PM.

Or on Thursday, June 2nd at 7PM, with The School of Ballet Arts and their preshow.

Utah Valley Civic Ballet’s Cast Members – Alice in Wonderland 2016:

Utah Valley Civic Ballet –             Alice in Wonderland 2016 Cast A – Thursday & Saturday Cast B – Friday
Alice Janessa Meiners Eliza Nemelka
Mom/Queen Rebecca Leftwich Jocelyn Horne
Dad/King Ryan Wall Enzo Petelo
Sister Laurel Meiners Laurel Meiners
Younger Sister Maven Rojas Sharon Jackson
Friend/Knave of Hearts Enzo Petelo Ryan Wall
White Rabbit Josiah Horne Josiah Horne
Mouse Kloie Pellegrini Kennen Bunker
Older Animals Senior Company Senior Company
Younger Animals Junior/Intermediate &    Senior Apprentices Junior/Intermediate &    Senior Apprentices
Caterpillar Soloist Sierra Arbon Kennen Bunker
 Caterpillar 1 Eliza Nemelka Jocelyn Horne
 Caterpillar 2 Maven Rojas Janessa Meiners
 Caterpillar 3 Rebecca Leftwich Rachel Wall
 Caterpillar 4 Kloie Pellegrini Sharon Jackson
Younger Flowers Junior/Intermediate &    Senior Apprentices Junior/Intermediate &    Senior Apprentices
Older Flowers Senior Company Senior Company
Cheshire Cat Sharon Jackson Maven Rojas
Tweedle Dee Julie Abbott Rachel Wall
Tweedle Dum Eliza Nemelka Sierra Arbon
 Uncle/Madhatter Elisabeth Jackson Julie Abbott
 March Hare Rachel Wall Sierra Arbon
 Doormouse Kennen Bunker Kloie Pellegrini
 Cards Entire Company Entire Company
 Flamingos & Hedgehogs Junior/Intermediate &    Senior Apprentices Junior/Intermediate &    Senior Apprentices
 Guards Brianna Lewis, Shanelle McClellan, Julie Abbott, Elisabeth Jackson. Brianna Lewis, Shanelle McClellan, Julie Abbott, Elisabeth Jackson.

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