Would You Like To Be a Part in a Variations Class?

A Variations Class will be held for dancers that have danced on pointe for at least one year.  Dancers will learn dances from Sleeping Beauty. The variations will be performed during the year for various events. IMG_3140

The class will be held on Saturdays 1:00-2:30 PM, beginning October 24th. The only cost for this class is the studio rental fee (should range between $10 and $20 per dancer, per month).  The more people dancing, the smaller the cost per person, so bring a few friends!

And a reminder that Alice in Wonderland (Kids to College Students Needed) will start January 16th! Exact details will be given later.  Plan on rehearsing Saturday afternoons.

Contact the Artistic Director, Earlet Meiners, for questions and to show your interest at roubtuesday@gmail.com or by texting 801-358-3920. Thank You! We hope you will be able take part in our company!

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